Privacy Policy

Our organization is U.S. operated and access to the resume database will be only by U.S. citizens. For personnel holding active security clearances to the date of the application, only Organizations that are cleared under the FCL (Facility Clearance) sponsorship through the U.S. government will be released with resumes of classified personnel. Resumes and Career profile information will not be released or made available to any non-U.S. citizen. Resumes Career profile information will not be released to any member of the media: news organizations, radio, television, print, web, research organizations or to any administrative or technical staff member of a media organization, regardless of citizenship.

In compliance with equal rights acts, the policy of United Placements prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability or age (persons over 40 years of age) I acknowledge my employment at United Placements or direct referral organization (DREF) is at the will of United Placements and my employment may be discontinued at United Placements' or DREF's sole discretion.

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